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Why and When to Insulate
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When and why to insulate your home or upgrade the existing insulation is a private question that is normally answered when the home owner (s) and the home are having a bit of private time.

It is not for me to even attempt to get into the why. Maybe you are paying out the nose for heating or cooling or you are a former Vice President with a $20,000 per month electric bill running up while you are bouncing from country to country trying to convince people about a truth that is inconvenient.

The real inconvenient truth is that you need to make at least 4 appearances a month just to pay your electricity. An electric bill so high that it qualifies for an income in the top 7% of American earners while you are trying to save polar bears, penguins and sea ice…..   I just want to puke in your hypocritical two left feet, but you will not take them out of your mouth long enough to give me a viable target.

This is a very hard task and you have dominated it well (better than any before you for sure), but it takes a really subtle man with the best of comedic timing to “out stupid” (if an act) or “out ignorant” (if you really are that way) Dan Quail and the “spud” situation.

Enough about dumb people that think we want to hear what they have to say, we want to know when and why to insulate our homes.

From the why side, like we said earlier that is personal and ranges from saving money to saving baby whales; the when side is much more concrete and this applies to everyone even if you are having baby whale BBQ for dinner.

Ideally in a perfect world the best time to insulate and over insulate your home is during the initial construction or your home. This is rarely an option today because with the housing market the way it is, the best deals are with existing homes.

If you have an existing home, try to schedule an insulation upgrade to correspond with another type of upgrade you will be doing.

This is very important to remember and it does apply directly to home insulation; a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. To convert this to the insulation in your home, your R value is only as strong as your lowest R Value.

With this in mind, think of insulating your home the same way people look at painting or improving their homes. You can upgrade the insulation in your home in stages.

This mostly is for walls because getting in the walls is normally a very labor intense and costly venture, but if you have water damage or need to upgrade the electricity, that is a great time to upgrade your insulation.

Conversely, if you are going to do a “rip out” on a certain area of your home for the purpose of upgrading your insulation, be sure to plan for an upgrade of the electrical and plumbing that runs through there.

It does not matter if your home was built back in the 40’s, by upgrading the electrical and plumbing in that area will make your home more safe and increase it’s value (especially if you document the upgrade with video or pictures).  Eventually, at some point in time, you or others will continue with upgrades that will bring and  “tie” all of your upgrades into the structure from start to finish.

Significant home improvements that are very expensive normally revolve around aesthetics (the way things look or the “lay out”). A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a good example. 

Don’t just run down to your favorite home center and get those solid Oak cabinet kits with a matching sink, dishwasher and oven. Go back as far as you can reach and upgrade the plumbing, electrics and any insulation.

I don’t care why you upgrade your insulation I just want to let you know the best circumstances as to when you should upgrade your insulation.



When to insualte your home