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Insulating Your Home
The Right Way

Ok, we want to talk about insulating a home the right way on a budget. There is a right and wrong way, believe me. If the reason for doing an insulation upgrade is to cut down on the cost of heating or cooling, the budget is at the top of the list and the right reason.

If the reason you are insulating your home is for some other reason like “doing your part” to save the planet or some other totally stupid and asinine reason like the one hour of self imposed blackout then you are hurting our planet and the disillusioned fat boys that put out books like the “Simple truth” are WRONG and only designed and published to take money out of your pockets. They are only putting $$ in their pockets to pay for their $20K per month electric bills.

These people have absolutely ZERO knowledge about green energy and the last time Al Gore had any heat close to his body was when they pulled a family size pizza out of the oven and set it in front of his unusually large “man breasts” that totally piss off my wife because she earned hers through natural testosterone supplements.

YES, you heard that correctly. Al Gore, the previous vice president of the United states Of America (notice my use of capitalization) is blowing smoke up your exhaust pipe, and the smoke he is blowing is probably from burning old tires or elderly citizens that are wrapped in rubber before they are cremated.

The talking heads and celebrities that are going solar and green are normally mostly mislead, stupid, or perpetuating a fraud. Mostly they are just STUPID and misled, but there are a few that are perpetuating fraud and are under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. Fat guy are #1 on the list.

Insulating a home the right way on a budget is upgrading your insulation in stages that correspond with other upgrades and remodeling events that you would normally do. Do not pull down a wall to add insulation and not upgrade the wiring or plumbing.  At the same time do not pull down a wall to upgrade plumbing or wiring without upgrading your insulation.

Insulation is not a low cost upgrade. Forget about the cost of the insulation; if y9ou are insulating walls, you need to consider the cost of the finish on the walls you just pulled down.

The price tag for new walls is probably more than the insulation and it will take at least 10 years for you to physically realize the savings from the insulation upgrade to get back to zero net gain financially.

When you add in the cost of the wall repair, then things are getting out of control and maybe the financial benefit will be pushed out to your posterity (the beneficiaries of your estate).

If you are from the school of the people that think there really is an “inconvenient truth” then do what your heart tells you, but do not be influenced by others.

Elephants are not endangered; they just tell you they are.

This is the same with most whales and other mammals. Now, endangered and THREATENED are two different things. Whales, sharks, tuna and salmon (along with at least 500 other species) are severely threatened. I am not a tree hugger and I am not on a campaign to save gay and / or trans-gender baby whales, but it does not take a 6 pack of Bud to get in the right frame of mind to see that other people are catching, killing and eating the biological residents of the United states of America (capitalization is a key factor again).



Insulating Your Home The Right Way