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Insulating your home is normally a financial decision. You are going to dump a few thousand $$ into insulation to increase your homes value and save about $200 per year on electricity (savings are normally about $200 per year unless you are upgrading the insulation on the two bedroom attached cardboard boxes you live in).

The best time to do an insulation upgrade on your home is to do it in coordination with another type of upgrade or remodeling project.

If you have a serious dry-rot problem with your roof sheeting that requires a rip out, then it might be the right time to spend the extra hundred or two hundred bucks to get your attic insulation to R-30 plus.

If you have an “event” that requires a few exterior walls to be replaced (internally or externally) maybe this is also a good time to put a few $$ into insulation.

Insulation and insulating your home are activities that have a cost and you need to evaluate and calculate this cost and see if the expense is worth the upgrade. If you can combine multiple upgrades into a single invasive remodel then you can mitigate and justify the cost of both upgrades.

If you really want to upgrade your insulation on an eastern exterior wall, and the plumbing is lead pipes of the electricity is aluminum, upgrade the pipes or the wires. You don’t need to upgrade the whole house, just upgrade the are that is exposed.

The next home owner can continue with the upgrades when they tear down the nest section to do an upgrade. One note is to video document your upgrade so that the new buyer has proof of the upgrade. Upgrades to plumbing, electrics and insulation that require significant invasive impact on the interior aesthetics of a home carry a financial impact to the value of the home that exceed the cost of the upgrade by about 3 X.

That sounds confusing so let me reword it in a way everyone can understand.

If you rip out an exterior wall because of some reason (any reason) and then you spend $1,000 on material and labor to replace the wiring, plumbing (if exposed) while at the same time upgrading your insulation, if your properly document it (video, pictures, receipts) then the value of your home just went up about 5 times of the cost of the upgrade.

Your home did not go up 5 times in value overall, but it did go up about 5 times the value of the cost of the upgrade.  Another thing about doing this type of multiple upgrades is the “piece of mind” that comes with the upgrade.

You do not need to worry about that tattered wire with braided cotton insulation running through your children’s bedroom or that carcinogenic lead water main sitting out there making a 5 foot wide path of your lawn green that directly runs from your water meter beside that really green patch that you are so proud of, which is probably your septic tank.

Insulating your home at the right time will save you a lot of money and will also increase your homes value exponentially compared to the expense.

Very few people want to do an upgrade that involves wiring, plumbing and insulation.  If they know they need to do these types of upgrades, then they know they just bought into “the money pit”.

If you can document the upgrades to your home through either picture and video (not legally normally) and you have the contractor that will stand behind you, then you have a solid base to prove that you really and truly did the upgrade with a licensed contractor and you are honest, true and trustworthy in the future.



Insulating Your Home The Right Way